stop worrying about deadlines,

start enjoying them!


about the app

Overdo allows you to quickly and easily schedule deadlines. Always stay on top of your projects!


  • create deadlines using plain text input

  • reminders for upcoming deadlines

  • sync deadlines across Macs

  • intuitive minimalistic design

  • current deadlines in Today View

  • …more awesome features coming!


about us


Brett · art


Nadia · code


Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy describes the policies regarding the information Overdo collects or receives about the users. Following is the description of how exactly Overdo doesn't store or gather any personal data and explains how you can manage your personal data.

contacting users

Overdo developers don't have any access to users personal data, so we'll never contact you. We don’t know that you exist.

Data collection

Overdo developers don't have access to and don't collect any personal data (Apple manages it directly).

To improve the app, Overdo has analytics integrated. Knowing how people interact with the app gives us an opportunity to better focus our development efforts on future versions. All analytics data is anonymous.

manage your data

Overdo provides a simple interface to delete all data created while using Overdo from Apple iCloud.